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Buckets O’ Money Pails

Buckets O' Money Gift Set Pails. A fun and educational gift for kids! They'll be "rolling in the dough" with these bright buckets, holding $100 bill bouncing balls, glitter money stickers, tons of play money, and $100 bill pen necklaces, pens, playing cards, notepads, and key chains! The bright buckets are great for storing kids' treasures. (7 items plus play money per gift pail) Pails 3".

$14.95 each (shipping included)


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$100 Bill Notepads

$100 Bill Pen Necklaces

$100 Bill Notepads. Strike it rich! These 4" money notepads look like $100 bills! A fun desk accessory, these cash memo pads are perfect for keeping track of “valuable” reminders. 35 pgs. 4" x 2-1/8"

2 for $1.00

$100 Bill Pen Necklaces. Strike it rich with these plastic pens! With a cool $100 bill design, these money pen necklaces make a great party favor. You can “bank” on it! Each 5" pen is on a 34" cord.

$1.00 each



$100 Bill Pencils

$100 Bill Pens

$100 Bill Pencils. Strike it rich with these cool money pencils! Makes a humorous gift! Each wooden pencil features a colorful wrapped design. 7 1/2"

3 for $1.00

$100 Bill Pens. You can’t spend these $100 bills because they’re plastic pens! Write with one of these fun 6" pens the next time you feel like a million bucks!

3 for $2.00



$100 Bill Playing Cards

$100 Bill Key Chains

Double-Coated $100 Bill Playing Cards. The stakes will be high at your next poker night! Give a deck of cards to each guest as a memento of all the favorable hands and good times.
(54 cards per deck) 3 3/8".

$1.99 each

$100 Bill Key Chains. Strike it rich! Always have a little “money” in your pocket or purse with these plastic key chains. These 2 1/4" key rings will make you feel like a million dollars!

$1.00 each



$100 Bill Bouncing Balls

$100 Bill Bouncing Balls. Here's one way to have a ball with a hundred dollars! These rubber balls have images of $100 bills inside making them just plain fun to play with anytime! 1 3/4" (44mm)

 $1.00 each




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